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At Mint, we pride ourselves on having a breadth of experience in a variety of aspects of real estate. This is why we are pleased to be able to offer our clients a wide range of services.

 - Rental Property Management - 

 - Tenant Placement -

 - Furnishing and Interior Design Services -

- Realty Services -


Tenant Placement

We can’t wait to find you the perfect tenant. Simply fill out our short “List Your Mint Home” form, and we'll do the rest!

We will consult with you in regards to rental income to get you the best and highest monthly return on your investment. We will create and push numerous listings of your property and post and update them  on various channels to cast a large and wide net. We will professionally photograph your home to ensure the photos look light, bright and appealing and adhere to our high Mint standard. We will conduct professional showings and and we will complete our extensive and thorough tenant background and reference checks to ensure that your home will be in great, caring hands.

Property Management 

For Mint Property Management Services, our team is available around the clock to ensure that your investment is managed to the highest level. We work with a trusted network of tradespeople to ensure that should your property require any maintenance or repairs, it will be fully managed and supervised by our Mint team.

What’s more, at Mint we do not believe in excessive paperwork! There is only some paperwork when we find you the perfect tenant. No complicated contracts and fees here.

Sleep easy knowing that your investment is in the best, Mint hands.

Property Search for Tenants

Find a Mint Home

We’re so delighted to be helping you on your journey to find a new space to stay. We promise to make it as easy as possible! 


All you need to do is peruse our listings. Do you see one that fits? If so, contact us quickly! If not, no worries. We are getting new listings every day, we’re certain we will find one that fits you perfectly.


Then, complete this Find me a Home form and submit.


That’s it! We’ll touch base with you soon. 


Did you know that renting your home furnished could possibly double your rental income every month? Style here is key, folks. At Mint, we offer furnishing services to take your home from an empty or sparse space to an impressively designed oasis. The best part is, we can do it all for prices you won't believe. 


We offer different levels of furnishing services - from working with your existing furnishings and simply adding a layer of decor and accessories, to furnishing an entire property to include everything required for a furnished rental - from sofas to linens, televisions to dishes, and everything in between (including measuring cups!). Interior design services pricing starting from $500. 


Call 604.377.7136 or email today for a free interior design consultation today.


Licensed Realtors at your service, who specialize in finding the perfect investment property for short or long term rental. 


At Mint, we specialize in realty services for condominiums - from pre-sale to re-sale, to vacation homes, and more. If you’re looking to for an investment for the purpose of renting out, our experienced team would be happy to assist.


One more way that here at Mint, we are all about making your life easy.   

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